How To Edit Contacts

Instructions and videos for how to use Flourish

In this video, you'll learn how to view and edit contacts in Flourish. Scroll down to read step-by-step instructions on how to edit contacts.How to view Contacts in Flourish:

  1.  Hover over the "All" button from the homepage and scroll down to click on "Contacts." This will bring you to the list view of all of the contacts in Flourish.
  2.  To view a contact's information, simply click on their name in the list. To search for a specific contact, click on the Filter button next to "My Filters" and type in the name of the contact you are looking for, then scroll down and select Search.
  3. Once you've found who you are looking for, click on their name to view their information.

Editing Contacts:

  1. To edit one field of information at a time, double click the field and put in the information you want to add or change, then click on the checkmark to confirm it.
  2. To edit multiple fields at a time, scroll to the top and click on "Actions" then "Edit" to open up the edit view. From here, you can change all of the information about the contact that you need to, just be sure to hit "Save" to complete the process or "Save and Continue" to save your current progress and keep editing.

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